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Slow Food

Sara C.

Milano (MI) - Lombardia

The Navigli district of Milan is a perfect place for exploring: vintage shops, small restaurants with innovative cuisine and picturesque views to take in, as well as rediscovering the elegance of a time gone by that fits perfectly with the many modern details recently added in the urban landscape.

It’s here that we meet Cesarina Sara in her renovated loft, which is modern and linear, yet warm and welcoming. Sara has always loved to cook. She learned by watching her grandparents and her mother. She likes cooking for others and sharing her passion for flavors and aromas. "I believe that sharing food provides an excellent opportunity to converse and get to know one another."

The simple tastes of childhood

  • Polenta taragna with gorgonzola
  • Crepes with pumpkin and luganega
  • Bites of roasted rabbit with mixed salad and apples
  • Buttered spinach
  • 'Sbrisolona' | chestnuts with red wine