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Slow Food

Rosanna F.

Bologna (BO) - Emilia Romagna

Bologna is a true treasure trove of Italian culture, a progression of art that touches on all eras, from the Roman settlement up to recent examples of street art.

In the heart of the historic city, near the captivating Basilica di San Domenico, we meet Rosanna. Our Cesarina welcomes us into her elegant apartment, full of art and antiques that belonged to her family. The table is set with heirloom plates and glassware and the hand embroidered tablecloths were handed down from her mother.

The love she feels for her husband, daughters, nieces and nephews and her home meant that cooking developed into a passion out of necessity. She loves shopping in small grocery stores, choosing fresh, local products, discovering new items and flavors. She likes to prepare homemade pasta, mostly those that are traditional to Bologna, but also from the region she originally came from (Campania) because it reminds her of her childhood when the women gathered around the large table in her old family home to make orecchiette, ravioli, gnocchi, laine and fusilli.

"My home has always been the favorite place for relatives and friends to visit because of the atmosphere and aromas that emanate from it!"


Bologna, a unique gastronomic experience

  • Selection of cold cuts from Emilia Romagna (mortadella, parmigiano reggiano)
  • Pasta and beans 'alla bolognese'
  • Stuffed capon
  • Roast potatoes from Tolè
  • Tenerina