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Slow Food

Sveva B.

Roma (RM) - Lazio

We are in the center of Rome, between the Basilica di San Giovanni and the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, in an area rich in historical, artistic and cultural value.

Cesarina Sveva welcomes us into her cozy home; a home that represents her taste in both style and design.

Her two passions, cooking and photography (she is a professional photographer), have many points in common: colors, shapes and how they can change, as well as the time spent pursuing her interests, which provide moments of reflection and relaxation. She has always loves cooking. She learned from her grandmother, Ada, who she lived with. She watched her cook, using her skills to prepare wonderful lunches and dinners with just a few ingredients.

In recent years, Sveva has discovered Roman and, in general, Italian vegetarian cuisine. She loves to cook fish, but only those that come from the sea. Something she absolutely loves is cheese, so she is always searching for new locally and non-locally produced ones. Her table setting also tends to be stylish, using the family plates and glassware along with placemats and tablecloths that add a contemporary flavor.

Vegetarian recipes by tradition

  • Onion potato and tomato pie
  • Spaghetti 'cacio e pepe' (with asparagus or artichokes)
  • 'Uova in trippa' with sauce with mint and pecorino cheese
  • Seasonal fried vegetables
  • Puff pears cream of milk and cinnamon