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Slow Food

Lucia C.

San Gimignano (SI) - Toscana

San Gimignano is one of the most iconic and recognizable destinations in all of Tuscany. Everywhere in the world, someone dreams of visiting and experiencing this perfect medieval picture postcard village. The countryside surrounding the historical town center and the earth itself have been fertile since the Middle Ages, when saffron and Vernaccia, one of the most prestigious white wines in Italy, were already being produced.

Here, in a quiet location, immersed in the green of the countryside, we meet Lucia. Our Cesarina has had a passion for cooking ever since she was a child when she would help her grandmother and mother cook the family's Sunday meal, passion that has transformed into a profession for over 20 years. "My goal is to be able to pass down the real traditional Tuscan recipes that are slowly being lost over time."

San Gimignano: Saffron and Vernaccia

  • Tuscan crostini with local pecorino and San Gimignano saffron
  • Pappardelle (homemade pasta) with wild boar sauce
  • Roasted rabbit with Vernaccia (white wine) with olives
  • Potatoes and stewed black cabbage
  • 'Pinolata senese' (Tuscan pine nut cake)