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Anna S.

Bari (BA) - Puglia

Bari has been the crossroads of a variety of cultures: Greek and Latin, Longobard and Byzantine, Norman, Roman and medieval. Each of them knew, particularly when it came to the culinary arts, how to gather and preserve knowledge and flavors. Within this mix of culture and gastronomy, we meet Cesarina Anna.

Anna welcomes her guests into her large living room. In spring and summer, she likes to greet them on the terrace to enjoy the view of the city. Her home is always open to welcoming and looking after her guest.

Anna’s passion for food and wine was born out of curiosity. "Really knowing the ingredients, sampling all the good things our vegetable gardens and harbors offer, talking with the producers themselves and understanding the work involved, putting myself out there to create the traditional dishes of our culinary culture have all helped to refine my palate"

A hobby that developed over time into a constant commitment, Anna approaches her cooking with both seriousness and professionalism, even if she’s just cooking for pure personal pleasure. She uses a careful selection of seasonal local products to prepare her meals made up of traditional dishes, but without foregoing a bit of modern reinterpretation.

Menu 1

  • Octopus salad
  • Tiella of potatoes, rice and mussels
  • Fried anchovies
  • Zucchini 'alla poverella'
  • Almond pastries