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Slow Food

Francesco D.

Napoli (NA) - Campania

Visiting the historical city center of Naples means passing through twenty centuries of history. The streets, squares, churches, monuments, public buildings and castles are a treasure trove of artistic and historical treasures. Moreover, the aromas of the local cooking are the ideal introduction to a place that can truly enchant anyone.

You will also be enchanted when you enter our Cesarino’s eighteenth-century building located in the heart of the city. The structure houses a Vanvitelli staircase, as well as the apartment where Cesarino Francesco lives. 

His strong curiosity for the culinary arts and meeting his wife, who is also a lover of good food, has led him to experiment with new recipes, without ever forgetting the love and bond he has for and with the local gastronomic traditions. Traditions like the ever- present ragù at Sunday lunch (because, for Neapolitans, Sunday is not Sunday without ragù) and the flavors of the sea in the dishes prepared during the hot summer months (always refreshing, light and delicate).

Menu 1

  • Mozzarella or burrata di bufala
  • 'Ziti di Gragnano' with Neapolitan ragu
  • Mixed meat with Neapolitan ragu
  • Friarielli 
  • Tastings of: babà, sfogliatelle, zeppole, lemon delights, chiacchiere, pastiera