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Michela B.

Venezia (VE) - Veneto

Venice, the rarest and most unique of cities, is an open-air work of art! Known worldwide for its fascinating charm, it attracts millions of tourists every year, who are enthralled by the city’s beauty and the multitude of things to do and see: bridges, churches, museums, noble palaces, events, exhibits, handicrafts, traditions and, of course, the cuisine!

Venetian cuisine is rich in flavors and ingredients. Primarily focusing on seafood, it still caters to products from the land and offers menus for all palates.

Even Cesarina Michela wins us over with the variety and traditional nature of her recipes. Michela’s dishes include the classic local dishes par excellence, for example the risottos (the most famous recipe is undoubtedly 'risi e bisi' - rice and peas) and then fish, where Venetian cuisine is at its best, as is the case for the classic 'poenta e schie' (cornmeal and shrimp). Finally, to end the meal, Michela prepares us 'baicoli', simple dry butter biscuits that are perfect served with coffee and zabaione (whipped egg yolks, sugar and liqueur).

Menu 1

  • 'Sarde in saor' (sweet and sour sardines)
  • 'Bigoli in Salsa' (a classic Venetian pasta dish made with thick fresh spaghetti and a creamy onion and anchovy sauce)
  • Cuttlefish in black ink sauce
  • Radicchio Baked
  • Baicoli (typical Venetian biscuits)