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Slow Food

Massimiliano L.

Firenze (FI) - Toscana

There’s a pleasant view of the main Florentine monuments that can be enjoyed from the windows and the small terrace. The Florentine soul of the neighborhood can still be felt in its small artisan studios and shops, where only local products can be seen in the windows.

In this atmosphere, where time seems to have stopped, we meet Massimiliano. Our Cesarino is a true cooking enthusiast. From the time he was a child, he was educated in the use and knowledge of basic ingredients: from cuts of meat to the choice of seasonal vegetables -  in a word, quality.

Today, Massimiliano sets his table with an eye on the finest detail, and his sense of enjoyment can be felt. He always accompanies his traditional dishes with pleasant conversation and, of course, with good wine!


Menu 1

  • Crostini with black cabbage and cannellini beans
  • 'Carabaccia' (onion soup)
  • Arista (roasted pork loin) with potatoes and apples
  • Sauteed turnips, green salad
  • Castagnaccio with pine nuts, walnuts and raisins