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Maria Teresa

Maria Teresa M.

Conversano (BA) - Puglia

Take in the beautiful sites of the historical town center of Conversano. While strolling along the characteristic streets, you can discover its truly majestic monuments.

Beautiful sites like the palazzo where our Cesarina lives. A location that enchants the visitor and where time seems to have stopped. This feeling is further enhanced by the traditional Apulian and Neapolitan dishes prepared by the hosts.

Maria Teresa is in fact Neapolitan, but for the past 15 years she has lived in Conversano in her husband's historic family home. She enjoys cooking traditional family dishes, both Neapolitan and Apulian, and frequently has lots of guests seated around her table. She loves making them feel at home, taking care of every detail, from the cooking to preparing the table, which should never be without flowers!

Menu 1

  • Rustic cakes | Focacce | Mozzarella di bufala dop
  • 'Timpano del Cardinale' (Neapolitan timbale based on pasta and tomato)
  • Eggplant parmigiana
  • Seasonal vegetables
  • Fruit tart