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Slow Food

Alessandra P.

Roma (Roma) - Lazio

Alessandra’s family has been living in Rome for generations, and she loves her beautiful city. Her home is in the Prati neighbourhood, just a short walk from unmissable sights such as San Pietro. The streets around her home are full of intriguing alleys, charming food stalls and vintage shops. 

Alessandra loves to cook the recipes she inherited from her grandmother, and luckily for us, she is always delighted to share her cooking secrets with her guests.

Menu 1

  • Local cold cuts and cheeses served with bread and focaccia
  • Mezze maniche (pasta) 'alla gricia' (with guanciale and Pecorino cheese)
  • Chicken 'alla mugnaia' (flouring and then cooking in butter)
  • Roasted potatoes flavored with rosemary
  • Tart with berry jam