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Alessandra T.

Milano (Milano) - Lombardia

Milan is a cultured, metropolitan city, steeped in beauty and artistic works. The lively capital of Lombardy is a haven for designers, artists, photographers, and models. It has a beautiful, historic center jeweled with palaces and famous monuments, attracting millions of visitors each year from all over the world.

Living in Milan since 2011, we find Alessandra, a Cesarina “Napoletana” originally from Naples. She specialises in sweet and savoury artisan cakes using ancient traditional recipes. Her passion for traditional cooking was born growing up around her maternal grandmother who lovingly dedicated herself to the kitchen, preparing many exquisite delicacies.

Menu 1

  • “Mondeghili” Milanese meatballs
  • Risotto “alla Milanese”
  • “Cotoletta” breaded veal cutlets
  • Zucchini and courgette flowers
  • Baked cream tart