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Hi! I'm Giulia.

4.5 (51 reviews)
wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Bigoli, homemade pasta, with a cream of cod and confit cherry tomatoes
I live in: Venice
I speak: Italian, English

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Giulia R.

Venezia (Città Metropolitana di Venezia) - Veneto

Venice is a unique place: floating on a lagoon with a network of thousands of canals. Rich in history and culinary tradition, it is a city of art, forged from different pasts and cultures, with profound ties to both the land and the sea.

The ancient city is also home our Cesarina, Giulia. Her cooking reflects her regional and family traditions made even more unique by a modern twist with her passion and expertise in local and seasonal ingredients.

Giulia: "For me cooking is not a journey through youth but rather onwards into maturity. My childhood was spent in my grandmothers’ kitchens with the aromas and flavours of two different Italian cultures; Born in Turin with mother from Mantua and a Venetian father, I grew up around my grandmother in Mantua, with the scent of pumpkin, rolling homemade pasta, and in Venice with the sharing culture of Cicchetti (aperitivo finger food). Polenta, however, was common to both regions although in Mantua it had a yellow tinge and stark white colour in Venice".

Menu 1

  • Vegetable salad (from Venetian gardens) with aromatic mayonnaise
  • Bigoli, homemade pasta, with a cream of cod and confit cherry tomatoes
  • Venetian fish soup and bruschetta with wholemeal bread
  • Fruit Chutney
  • Tiramisù (Italian coffee-flavoured dessert)