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Slow Food

Maurizio G.

Leggiuno (Varese) - Lombardia

On the Lombardy side of Lake Maggiore, immersed in the beauty of the Italian countryside, we meet Maurizio. He is here to provide a relaxing and delicious experience of his local cuisine.

Maurizio's culinary passion was handed down to him by his mother, "the ease and naturalness with which my mother used to cook has always fascinated me, and she is the one who taught me the real pleasure of food." Since taking part in a professional cooking course, a present to him from his wife, he revisited his family's dishes and created new ones to add to the family recipe book. To make his dishes, he uses home-grown ingredients from the garden, local produce, wines and cheeses from companies in the province of Varese. The meat and fish he cooks with comes from a local butcher and from the lake’s fishermen.

Menu 1

  • Cold cuts with pickled vegetables and cheeses with fruit and vegetable compotes 
  • Lasagna with vegetables 
  • Braised beef cheek with wine and baked potatoes 
  • Mixed salad and cherry tomatoes confit 
  • Grandmother's apple pie