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Slow Food

Maria Elena e Francesco A.

Roma (Roma) - Lazio

The house of our Cesarini Francesco and Maria Elena is a small haven of peace in the heart of Rome, in the shadow of the ‘Cupolone’. Among lavenders, hydrangeas, roses, maples and surrounded by the scents of aromatic plants.

"My husband and I share a great passion for food and cooking, combined with a love for hospitality that comes from our Southern Italian roots. “We love to make, study and revisit the recipes of the Roman tradition.”

Menu 1

  • 'Panzanella alla Romana' with cherry tomatoes, aromas from our garden and fried seasonal vegetables
  • Bucatini (homemade pasta) 'all'amatriciana'
  • Roman-style chicken with peppers
  • Bitter greens salad, or chicory (when in season)
  • 'Cassola' with ricotta and chocolate sauce (of Roman Jewish tradition)