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Valentina C.

Taranto (Taranto) - Puglia

Taranto is known as the 'city of the two seas' thanks to its position at the turn of the Mar Grande and the Mar Piccolo. It’s one of the most famous cities of Southern Italy, not only for its crystal clear waters, but above all for the many stories that it holds. 

Like the story of Valentina's family, formed by a long dynasties of women, strong women who demonstrate their love for cooking. Around Valentina there is a small community of Salento people who moved to Taranto and combined their own recipes with those of the area. At her table, you’ll enjoy many fish dishes and fresh local produce, as well as a wonderful range of sweet treats. 

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Menu 1

  • 'Scurdijata' (turnips, beans and bread)
  • Pasta with mussels
  • Fish fry
  • Zucchini 'alla poverella' (mint, garlic, oil and vinegar9
  • Pettole (pancakes of leavened dough typical of the culinary tradition of the cuisine of Puglia)