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Slow Food

Giuseppe M.

Annone Di Brianza (Lecco) - Lombardia

Giuseppe's house is located on the hill of Annone di Brianza, the middle ground between the plains and the mountains, with a splendid view of the lakes, which was so loved by Stendhal when he visited.

This harmonious lake landscape, made up of earth, stone, wood and water, is an integral part of the local culture. You’ll even find these elements reflected in the furnishing of our Giuseppe’s home, and around his table, where the harmony of the surrounding nature also stands out for his dishes.

His cuisine is a combination of: Sicilian traditions, the place of origin of his family, Lombardy, the territory of birth, and Piedmont, the region where he refined his culinary techniques. 

“My philosophy is: speciality has a delicate and addictive flavour, light and natural!”

Menu 1

  • Zucchini and leek flan with Parmesan cream
  • Risotto with asparagus
  • Rolled stuffed turkey breast with spinach and taleggio cheese
  • Stewed seasonal vegetables
  • Strawberry tart with custard