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Slow Food

Gerardina A.

Cava De Tirreni (Salerno) - Campania

The old medieval part of Cava de’ Terreni is characterised by a series of porticoed lanes reminiscent of those in Bologna; here we meet Gerardina.

When she was younger, Gerardina often needed to cook for the whole family, something that soon became her passion. She loved learning more about her family traditions. 

Gerardina composes her recipes with genuine produce, grown in her vegetable garden, because for the success of a dish you have to focus on the quality of the ingredients. Fortunately she lives in an area that is home to an incredible variety of produce. So, with a little imagination and respect for tradition, she makes some unforgettable dishes

Menu 1

  • Ricotta and buffalo mozzarella
  • Gnocchi with Agerola provola
  • Meatloaf with sauce
  • Stuffed escarole 
  • Babà