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Slow Food

Emanuella P.

Castellana Grotte (Città Metropolitana di Bari) - Puglia

Castellana Grotte extends over the plateau of the Terra dei Trulli, one of the most evocative places in Puglia, where there are caves of karst origin that form the complex of the Grotte di Castellana, a natural wonder that attracts thousands of visitors.

Here we meet Emanuella, in a splendid country house, with a swimming pool.

Our Cesarina discovered her passion for cooking by becoming a home cook. It is an art that allows her to express herself through traditional recipes, favoring local produce, simple cooking and fresh handmade pasta; to transmit "our knowledge and our Apulian flavors, in simplicity and harmony, transforming every lunch, every dinner, every cooking lesson, into a family reunion".

Menu 1

  • Zucchini 'alla poverella' (mint, garlic, oil and vinegar) with bread balls 
  • Fava bean purée with chicory
  • Bombette 'di Martina' (little meat bombs)
  • Gratin peppers
  • Cherry ricotta pie