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Slow Food

Annalisa S.

Mola Di Bari (Bari) - Puglia

Mola di Bari is a special place: a small and delightful seaside village, famous for its beaches with clear sea and quality gastronomy, thanks to the typical produce (from the tomato of the 'Penna' to the fish of the 'Canalone') and dishes related to religious celebrations (from the calzone with onions on Good Friday, to the 'lagane' of San Giuseppe).

We can taste  all these delicacies at Annalisa's table, a lover of good food and queen of hospitality. Culinary art is, for our Cesarina, a way to enrich family ties and friendships, since during one of her lunch, or dinner, we do not just taste good food, but we enjoy the magical atmosphere.

Menu 1

  • Fried cardoncelli mushrooms with rosemary 
  • Pasta and potatoes with caciocavallo cheese
  • Herb-stuffed leg of lamb
  • Beans and chicory, with onion from Acquaviva and chili peppers
  • Ricotta mousse and 'cotto di fichi' (Apulian sweet sauce)