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Hi! I'm Cristina.

4.9 (58 reviews)
wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Pasta and beans
I live in: Florence
I speak: Italian, English

Good to know...

I offer vegetarian alternatives
I can host 15+ guests

Cristina L.

Firenze (Firenze) - Toscana

Cristina welcomes us to her home in a lemon house, surrounded by greenery, in the old village of Pian dei Giullari, near the ancient home of Galileo Galilei. 

Our Cesarina, with passion and dedication, takes care of the vegetable garden, respecting the biological cycles of nature and using to cook her dishes only seasonal fruit and vegetables. Since she was young she has always valued the mise en place, following her mother's advice: "you can eat with your eyes too!" Over time she has learned to know and respect the ingredients and raw materials, the real protagonists of her dishes, which she cooks with passion and imagination.

Menu 1

  • Chicken liver croutons
  • Pasta and beans
  • Free range farmhouse pork sausages 
  • Turnip greens and potatoes
  • Castagnaccio