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Hi! I'm Silvia.

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wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Potato tortelli
I live in: Florence
I speak: Italian, English, German, Spagnolo

Good to know...

I offer vegetarian alternatives

Silvia M.

Firenze (Firenze) - Toscana

Silvia lives in Florence but was born in Mantua to a Tuscan mother and a Mantuan father, and therefore grew up with these two strong gastronomic cultures. Every time they returned from Tuscany they brought its traditional ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, Tuscan wines, porcini from Garfagnana, spelled, Zolfini beans, black cabbage, chestnuts from Mugello, Cantucci di Prato and Vin Santo. All ingredients that, today, she uses in her cooking lessons.

Our Cesarina is also passionate about the history of Italian gastronomy in general and is an expert in oil and olives. The different types to untangle are endless and, therefore, she decided to become an olive oil taster.

Menu 1

  • Chicken liver crostini, tuscan black cabbage bruschetta 
  • Potato tortelli
  • Arista (Tuscan roast pork)
  • Spinach Florentine style
  • Cantucci