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Hi! I'm Monica.

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wilmaCesarina from 2016
My speciality: Potato gnocchi with Larian cheese fondue
I live in: Como
I speak: English, Spagnolo, Italian

Good to know...

I offer vegetarian alternatives

Monica M.

Como (Como) - Lombardia

“I love to write, and to read, in fact, books fill my house. I am mindful of the quality of food; I like to cook what I eat; and share the pleasure of the table with other people, friends, and guests. I am involved in the recovery of food surpluses for social solidarity purposes with the Food Bank of Lombardy Onlus in Como, where I live. I try to hand down recipes that are simple, and easy to learn by everyone, and that are connected as much as possible to the tradition of the Larian territory.” 

Menu 1

  • Bruschetta bread with caramelized onions
  • Potato gnocchi with Larian cheese fondue
  • Flan of broccoli or seasonal vegetables from local producers
  • Roast of mixed vegetables
  • Miascia cake (made with bread and fruits) typical from Lake of Como