Fighting Food Waste and Helping the Hungry this Christmas

Here at Cesarine, we are proud to share the best Italian home cooking with food-loving

travellers. We are so lucky to be able to cook for ourselves and have enough to share with

new friends. However, the same can’t be said for the hundreds of thousands of Italians that

can’t afford to feed their families.

Without good food, everything becomes more difficult; thinking, learning, growing, and

staying healthy. From malnutrition to social exclusion, those who can’t afford to buy good

food can suffer life-changing consequences. That’s why we have chosen to support Banco

Alimentare this Christmas.

Banco Alimentare is Italy’s Food Bank Network, whose goal is to help people in need and

combat food waste. They work at a national scale to coordinate the sustainable use of the

food supply chain, recovering food from supermarkets, restaurants and producers, and

redistributing it to a network of dedicated food banks all over the country.

Last year, Banco Alimentare redistributed over 90,000 tonnes of good food to over 1.5

million people in need, helping them to eat well, and saving a huge amount of food that

would otherwise have gone to landfill. The food recovered and collected by the Food Bank

Network supports around 8,000 charitable organizations throughout Italy.

Starting from today, for every booking we receive on our website during the Christmas

period, Cesarine will donate 3 euros to the Banco Alimentare to support their wonderful


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