What is the FoodTech 500?

We’re delighted to announce that Cesarine has been shortlisted in the FoodTech 500, 2019’s definitive list of the world’s most inspirational businesses in the world of AgriFoodTech.

Inspired by the Fortune 500, The FoodTech 500 ranks the top movers and shakers in FoodTech based on funding, business size, sustainability, and their digital footprint, celebrating the top businesses, founders and innovators in this new and dynamic industry.

The shortlist was created by Forward Fooding, whose mission is to showcase the global startup talent at the intersection between food, technology and sustainability, discovering businesses that have the potential to transform the food industry as we know it.

Each and every company that made the FoodTech 500 list have in our opinion become entrepreneurial success stories worth keeping an eye on, which is why we made it our mission to share them.” - Alessio D'Antino, Forward Fooding CEO.

Our Mission

As a Slow Food community, we care deeply about connecting people with the food we eat. Our experiences are created to help locals strengthen and share their connection with their local food culture. By showing travellers how real locals shop and live, we are helping to encourage everyone to buy local and seasonal food, respecting the Italy's culinary heritage and lands. Our experiences also connect people, giving travellers the chance to really dive into their destinations and create genuine understanding between different cultures. 

When you choose us, you are choosing a company that works side by side with passionate Italian home cooks to change tourism into a force for good. 

How you can join our mission

Here are just a few ways you can help us with our mission: 

  • Add a market tour to your experience 
  • Try our local supplier tours, such as our wine tasting sessions in collaboration with the national Italian wine tasting association (OVAP). 
  • Buy our official recipe book, Home Cooking with Cesarine, and learn how to cook like a Cesarina through the seasons. 

There’s a lot more to come this year, so watch this space!

Thank you Forward Fooding for shortlisting us, and congratulations to the rest of the companies in the FoodTech500. 

We can’t wait to see what 2020 brings, as we all work towards driving positive change in the world.

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