A rural farm experience in Tuscany

Typically Tuscan...

Tuscany is famous for its breathtaking scenery, picturesque hill towns and peaceful atmosphere... But if you're on a Tuscan holiday, one thing you can't miss is the local cuisine. Tuscan cuisine is all about simple ingredients and using technique and patience to make the flavours sing. Tuscan food isn't complex or fussy, it is  just what Italian cooking is all about; fresh, local, seasonal and created with a real sense of pride and place.

A really wonderful way to encounter the delights of Tuscan cuisine is by connecting with passionate local people, who love sharing their love of food with travellers.

One of these is Renata, a member of our Cesarine community who has been working the land for over 30 years. She founded her own farm on the hills of Florence three decades ago, where she now produces organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, olives and grapes.

What could be more idyllic than spending a day exploring Renata's farm, seeing how she makes her own olive oil and wine, and then enjoying a Tuscan feast around her dinner table?

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