A Brief Guide to Italian Cheese

So much cheese, so little time.

Where would Italian cuisine be without cheese? It varies so much from region to region that a paragraph could never do it justice. But let’s have a go.

You'll find mild Asiago and Piave, and wedges of meltingly smooth Fontina from the mountainous north, as well as the iconic Gorgonzola, blue-veined and pungent, and slabs of powerful Taleggio. A little further south, huge wheels of Parmigiano Reggiano, broken into jagged, crystallised wedges after years of ageing. In central Italy and Sardinia, sheep’s milk Pecorino in all its regional varieties, some mild and soft, others intensely hard and salty, grated and scattered liberally. Campania’s gorgeous balls of buffalo mozzarella, stretched into tight shapes, famously shedding a ‘lacrima’ (tear) of milk when broken, or its cousin Burrata, filled to bursting with fresh cream. Or how about Sicily’s satisfyingly savoury sheep’s milk ricotta, whipped into a sweet cream with the addition of sugar, or salted and pressed into a hard block of ‘ricotta salata’, ideal for grating.

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