We’re excited to announce the publication of our very own recipe book, Home Cooking with Cesarine

From November 23rd, in book stores all over Italy, the shelves will be filling up with our brand new books, published with Slow Food Editore. In July 2019, Cesarine became part of the Slow Food Community circuit, the first to bring together more than 800 people distributed throughout the whole of Italy. 

The Slow Food Communities aim to change the fo od production system from the ground up, and share the values ​​of the international Slow Food movement, starting from its main conviction: good, clean, fair food is everyone's right.

Our book takes you on a journey through Italy, as we explore the stories and people behind 50 authentic family recipes

This is more than just a recipe book, it is a collection of personal stories that tell the story of what it means to live, cook and eat in Italy for everyday people. Our partnership with Slow Food was the perfect occasion for us to team up and give real home cooks the recognition they deserve. 

Every Cesarina in our community represents a family, a recipe and a region, and this book brings them all together. Through our "tagliatelling", readers all over the world will feel like they're in one of our homes. 

These are the people that keep the Italian tradition alive every day, as they cook, share and treasure their culinary heritage. Every Italian region has its own unique culture that we believe must be protected and celebrated. 

"This is why the Slow Food Community is so relevant," commented Davide Maggi, Cesarine’s Founder & CEO, “our Slow Food community is different to the rest, as we are not producers, but real homes. We are the people who put this fantastic Italian produce on the table."

We’re so proud of all the Cesarine that worked together as a team to write this book.

We hope you will enjoy reading it, and support our mission to safeguard Italy’s culinary heritage in every region. Thank you for being a part of our story!

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