“Maradona taught us to dream, he brought us all together to believe in something, and that ‘something’ was a man who could always get the ball into the goal. The girl we liked so much was going to finally kiss us, tomorrow’s problems would work out just fine, not to mention the math homework that was due. Everyday life would go better, because Maradona was on our side, he was ours. Not just SSC Napoli or the city itself, Maradona belonged to each and every one of us. "

With these words, the journalist Gianni Montieri of Sky Sport begins his farewell eulogy dedicated to the “Pibe de Oro”. Maradona passed away on November 25th, a man who represented, for all generations, a world champion of football, an example of redemption, a VIP with his feet on the ground and a genuine Neapolitan, even if he was originally from Argentina.

Everyone has watched a Maradona goal at least once, or used his name as a marker of quality in conversation - “you played at Maradona’s level” or “Who do you think you are? Maradona? " - but few know what exactly made him fall in love with his adopted city, as well as his ex-wife Claudia, making him a symbol of the city of Naples.

It may seem like a cliché but food has played its part in this passion.

“He was fond of pasta with sauce, his favorite dish, which he often requested before going to training. Then plenty of fish and meat, prepared in all sorts of sauces. He had a huge passion for fruit salad, which he would ask me several times a day. " said in an interview Lucia Rispoli, the widow of the historic custodian of the San Paolo Stadium, who was the housekeeper of Diego's house over the years in via Scipione Capece in Posillipo - also known in the town as the "Neapolitan mother", as Maradona loved to call her -.

Basically, Diego Armando Maradona fell in love with the Mediterranean Diet!

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