The world's longest ever fresh pasta

On a rainy Sunday, together with 4 other Italian food associations, 18 of our Cesarine travelled to Bologna  from far and wide with rolling pins at the ready...

At FICO Eataly World, just outside Bologna, our Cesarine took their positions along an incredibly long table laden with fresh eggs and mounds of flour.

The team of pasta lovers had just 3 hours to transform these humble ingredients into a magnificent ribbon of golden pasta, according to the traditional recipe, of course.

Finally, at 3 o'clock, it was the moment of truth: the judges rolled their official measuring tape along the length of the table. After a tense few minutes of silence, everyone broke into applause as he announced the final result... Our pasta was 120 metres long! That's even longer than an American football field, or 14 double decker buses.

The art of rolling fresh pasta by hand is a precious part of Italian cuisine, which has been largely replaced by pasta machines in recent years. One of the reasons behind this event was to show the world how much fun it is to keep these traditions alive.

When you enjoy tortellini, tortelloni, tagliatelle, and other delicious pasta in Bologna and the surrounding area, it is traditionally hand-rolled. Locals are fiercely proud of this pasta culture, and for good reason.

We hope this event will inspire everyone to try making their own fresh pasta, and want to say a big thank you to all 600 of our Cesarine for their dedication. Every day, all over Italy, they strive to preserve the art of Italian home cooking.

Want to learn the art of pasta making?

Come and try one of our pasta classes, in a real Italian home. That's the best way to learn! Click here for more information. 

"The Cooking class with Luisa in Bologna was a great experience. We learned a lot and we hope that we will make pasta, sugo, brodo just as Luisa tought us. Luisa was extremely helpful, answered every question and took a lot of time for us. Enjoying the pasta we made together with her and her mum was the most wonderful lunch." 

- Susanne H, Germany

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