Terms of service

Terms of service

General Terms and Conditions of the service and general information for customers

1) Customer information and definitions

1.1 Please read this document carefully, as it provides important information regarding your rights and obligations, including various limitations and restrictions, as well as a clause related to legal jurisdiction and the choice of law and your obligations to respect any applicable laws and regulations.

In particular, should you decide to participate in a Home Food srl event, it would be a good idea to understand the spirit related to the conservation of the Italian culinary tradition on the part of our Guides, who open their own homes to us, and other details of the event you are about to reserve. For this reason, we ask you to scrupulously provide all the information necessary for us to prepare the food (such as allergies, intolerances or anything else).

1.2 The expressions and definitions used in the site and in these service terms are the following and have the following meanings:

“HF” means HOME FOOD s.r.l., the owner of the “Cesarine - Home Food” brand and of the cesarine.com domain

“Site” indicates the domain https://cesarine.com (and all related subdomains) that makes the services available

“Terms of Service” means the general contract conditions for use of the services offered by HF

“Service” is the service provided by HF that enables you to participate in events with the Guides

"Content" consists of the text, graphics, images, music, software, audio, video, information or other material.

"Guest or User" means the physical person that requests a reservation for an HF event

"Cesarina" (or Guide) indicates the person selected by HF who holds the event

"Event" means the service provided by HF which may consist of dinners, lunches, cooking classes, cooking shows, refreshments, buffets, tastings, and gastronomic and cultural events in general that take place in the homes of the Guides, in the homes of Users or in other public or private locations, with the common characteristic of enhancing and promoting traditional Italian gastronomic culture in general and more specifically local and family culture, in the manner envisioned by the site or agreed to with the User in subsequent communications

“Contract” means the contract that HF agrees to with its Guests.

1.3 HOME FOOD s.r.l. has its headquarters in Bologna, at Via San Vitale 40/5d (40125), Tax ID/ Tax Code no. 03416251209 and is the owner of the cesarine.com website that enables Users to reserve and participate in events with our Guides.

1.4 The services of Home Food consist mainly in offering dinners and lunches prepared by amateur cooks (the Cesarine Guides) in locales that are mostly domestic, in the cook’s or the User’s house, as well as cooking courses, cooking shows, tastings, buffets, refreshments, themed conferences and any kind of gastronomic in general in a context that is mostly, but not exclusively, in a home, with the goal of promoting and enhancing Italian gastronomic culture as expressed in its various local contexts, both regional and provincial, with a special emphasis on culinary skills passed down from generation to generation within families.

1.5 By using the Site, you accept to be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. Please read our policy on Privacy, available in the Terms and Conditions section of the cesarine.com site.

1.6. These general conditions of service are subject to modification, also as a result of legal changes. In case of changes, the new rules will be effective as of the date of publication on the website.

2 Services, events and obligations of the parties

2.1 The Cesarina proposes and agrees to input into the HF portal his or her own gastronomic journey, indicating the menu and the order of courses, the type of venue in which the event takes place, the number of guests he or she intends to host, and the cost of the dinner.

2.2 The Guest, after having selected the event, registers according to the procedure available on the Site and, after having accepted these General Conditions and read the Privacy policy, may use the HF service and any other available Services through the means of connection. When an event is reserved, the User must indicate any particular needs related to food and must complete the order at the moment of payment of the entire price (for all the dining companions). HF will then confirm the successful completion of the operation and the total amount received via email. At that point, the contract between the Guest and HF will be considered executed.

2.3 The Cesarina may organize dinners at his or her own home solely if in possession of the legal requirements to do so, and assumes all related responsibilities.

2.4 The Cesarina may accept or refuse Guests if a request received requires culinary skills or particularly complex requests that he or she is not able to or does not want to fulfill (see allergies/intolerances). In this case, the Guest will receive a cancellation by HF and full reimbursement of what was paid.

2.5 The Services of the site are free for Users, while all internet connection costs from which the User uses the Services are the responsibility of the same. The connection methods that HF places at the User’s disposal will enable him or her to reserve events suitable to perform this activity. HF reserves the right to add new functionalities to the Services, or to eliminate them, at its own irrevocable discretion.

3) Use of the services and registration

3.1 To be able to use the HF site’s services and register, one must be an adult and have the capacity to conclude a contract which is restricted by law.

3.2 The User must register the first time he or she reserves an event with the Cesarine.

The registration process requires you to provide personal information (name, last name, email address, city of residence).

3.3 A contract will be considered to be executed and binding for the Guest and for HF as the intermediary only once payment has been made and HF’s account has been credited. The user willl be notified promptly of successful completion via an email sent to the address provided by the same.

3.4 The Guest commits to:

- Providing truthful, accurate, and up to date registration information requested

- Notify us of any food intolerances and allergies of his or her own or of his dining companions at the time of reservation

- Promptly finalize the reservation by payment of the amount on the web portal.

4) Payment, termination and cancellation

4.1 The User will be required to provide payment in the form of an amount to be paid before the event. The currency for the payment by the Guest is in Euros and includes the VAT. Upon receipt of payment, HF will issue a legitimate tax document to the Guest and send it via email.

4.2 The Guest may cancel the event within 72 hours of the same and receive from HF a full refund of the amount paid. Beyond that time, the Guest has the ability to cancel the event but will not have the right to a refund or any reason or cause. Cancellation must be made by email to the following HF address: info@homefood.it.

4.3 HF reserves the right to cancel a Guest’s reservation at any time with no obligation other than a refund of the amount paid.

5) Ownership

5.1 The contents of the portal, graphics, photographs and any distinguishing element is the exclusive property of HF and are protected by Italian and international laws, particularly those regarding copyright and intellectual property rights, and may be used by the User only for the purpose of navigating the site and using the Services. Any reproduction, even partial, is prohibited.

5.2 All the brands, the service marks, the logos, the commercial names and any other designation used on the site are trademarks or registered trademarks owned by HF.

6) Exemptions of responsibility

6.1 In general, except for the other clauses covering exemption of responsibility included in this contract, neither HF nor its managers, employees, or agents may be held responsible for any damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from the use of the cesarine.com website or the services provided in it, of any content on the HF website or other elements accessible or downloadable from the website, even in the case where HF has recognized or been informed of the probability or of the occurrence of such damage. Furthermore, HF cannot in any way be held responsible regarding:

a- the Events: with regard to the Guest for the successful outcome of the event, for the food offered by the Guide and for its preparation (for more details please consult the Guest Guarantees on the cesarine.com site)

b- any errors made by Users: for any error committed by a user, even in case the error was made in the context of use of the HF site or of a service offered by HF

c- any additional services offered: HF cannot in any way be held responsible for the other services it offers for free on its website.

6.2 HF manages the Site and controls its operation from Italy and does not guarantee that the Site and the Services are suitable for use or accessible from any geographic area. In particular, any responsibility for a case in which a malfunction of the Services or of the Site depends on a fact dependent on providers or managers of telephone lines, or malfunctions of the Internet or telephone network, or in general from any event which cannot be ascribed to HF, its collaborators or its employees, or finally, causes of force majeure or in any case not dependent on the will or the fault of HF.

6.3 The cesarine.com website contains hypertext links to other websites which are owned or managed by other parties separate from HF to which the User may be redirected. Such websites are not monitored or controlled by HF and therefore HF cannot in any way be held responsible for the products and/or the content of these third party websites. In particular, as an example including but not limited to this, HF cannot be held responsible for the accuracy, relevance or completeness of the content of third party websites, nor will it be responsible for them either entirely or only in part.

7) Disputes and applicable laws

7.1 Before beginning a lawsuit in case of dispute, we invite the User to contact HF’s complaint service to attempt to resolve the dispute amicably (but this is not obligatory). The service may be contacted at the following addresses:

- via email: info@homefoood.it

- via postal mail at Home Food srl, Bologna, Via San Vitale 40/5d, 40125

7.2 In the absence of an amicable solution, the User may turn to the customary judicial authorities of the Court where he or she resides only in case the User is not a consumer, any disputes will be transferred to Judicial Authorities of the Court of Bologna.

7.3 The Conditions must be interpreted, evaluated and observed according to the laws of Italy. The User recognizes that the Conditions respect the dispositions contained in articles 50-61 (remote contracts) of Legal Decree no. 206 of 2005 (Consumer Law).