Host Interview: Florence

Guia gives a local's insight into Florence

Welcome to Florence...

Florentines are fiercely proud of their culinary tradition. Florence is surrounded by sloping hills covered in world-famous vineyards and Olive Groves. Here, you' re sure to eat well, with second helpings. Dining in Florence is as timeless and memorable as the countless works of architectural beauty that surround you as you explore.

If you're an art buff, you can't miss the Uffizzi Galleries or the Loggia dei Lanzi. Adventurous travellers will love climbing to the top of the Duomo, where Brunelleschi's mighty Cupola looks out over the resplendent Tuscan hills.

Satisfy your curiosity as you uncover the secrets of one of the most important Renaissance cities, and satisfy your appetite with the city's gorgeous cuisine. After dinner, wander down the river Arno, and admire the dreamy palatte of a Florence sunset from the world-famous Ponte Vecchio. Or perhaps you could head to Piazzale Michelangelo for a panoramic view. This city was built to be savoured.

Ciao Guia. Tell us a little about yourself!

Ciao! I work as a science textbook editor in Florence. I live in a lively area not far from the city centre. I learned to cook when I was a child, with my mamma and nonna. We’d spend several months of the year in the countryside, most of which we’d spend in the kitchen!

So family has had a big influence on your cooking today!

Absolutely. I loved watching my family cook and learning how to move around in the kitchen, it’s a sort of intuition that comes naturally with time. You can taste the years of experience in those flavours. I love keeping those memories alive... For example, I have an ancient wooden whisk that belonged to my Nonna. I don't ever use it in case it breaks, but it's always in the same drawer as all my other cooking tools. It just reminds me of cooking together with her when I was littl.

What a wonderful way to remember someone! So your local cuisine must be a big part of who you are.

Of course, that’s why I joined Cesarine! It’s wonderful to make tourists feel at home and give them a feel for what life is like in a real Italian home. So many people think that you only eat pizza and pasta in Italy - it’s just not true!

It was a lovely moment when I received a handwritten letter from one of my guests to thank me for their culinary experience! I love making friends with travellers and showing them the real Firenze.

Dive into Authentic Italian Cuisine

As Guia said, there’s a lot more to Italian cuisine than pizza, pasta and red wine. There are 20 different culinary regions to discover, and experiencing the local specialities is a wonderful way to explore this diverse landscape.

Instead of visiting the usual restaurants in Florence, why not try something different? Come and enjoy a dining experience or cooking class in a real local home!

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