Cesarine historical association

Who we are - Statute

Associazione Storica Cesarine is a non-profit cultural association born in Italy, a platform for non-professional cooks, where they can share their profound passion and in-depth knowledge of Italian home cooking, the most genuine expression of Italian cuisine.

The Cesarine, Italian men and women, who work together as a collective voice to safeguard and promote Italy’s culinary heritage. It is a precious legacy that is rooted in generations of family traditions, a treasure trove of ancient stories and knowledge that must not be lost. They understand that this heritage must be shared and experienced in order to keep it alive, and so dedicate their time to protecting it in order to hand it down to the next generation, as so many have done before them.

Our Values

We believe in the value of food as a symbol of family, culture, history and society. Sharing is an inherent part of this, especially when it comes to home cooking, in which the kitchen represents the beating heart of family life, the place where we learn how to live side by side with others. Sitting around the dinner table, we encounter others, we share experiences and we pass on knowledge. Our association encourages different cultures to share tables, a vital element of bringing communities and people together.

Our Purpose

We promote and protect:

The authenticity of home cooking and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet and Italian conviviality.

The culture of home food, a social, cultural and economical asset

Female representation in the food and wine sector

The importance of considering quality, traceable, sustainable ingredients

The customs related to typical Italian produce

Traditional recipes, cooking tools and preparation methods

Financial statements

If you are a member of the Association, you can request the latest financial statements at the following email address: info@associazionestoricacesarine.com

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