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Welcome to The Cesarine's Cookbook, where authentic Italian recipes and tips await. Dive into generations-old family recipes, rediscovering the true flavors of Italian cuisine!

Sicily's flavors: the Sfincione of Palermo

The recipe for this rustic, tall and fluffy bread

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Sicily's flavors: the Sfincione of Palermo

The recipe for this rustic, tall and fluffy bread

Easter Menu: three typical recipes from North to South

Eeaster is coming: read our menu ideas with appetizer, first course and dessert.

Mustard Tiramisu

A delicious variant of the famous dessert

Father's Day: Zeppole di San Giuseppe recipe

A sweet idea to celebrate Father's Day together

Pistachio cake on table seen from above

Sicilian Pistachio Cake (Torta al Pistacchio di Bronte)

Let's learn how to make a delicious Sicilian cake!

Greengrocer serving a customer

The Mediterranean Diet

Three recipes that combine taste and wellness

Journey along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast

The authentic flavors of the "Divine Coast" with two recipes

Home-made Vanilla Gelato

From ancient China to the New World: a long journey through tradition and innovation

Pizza: the recipe to make it at home

From Naples to New York: the story of an Italian Classic

Plate with spaghetti alla bolognese

The real Spaghetti alla Bolognese Recipe

The unexpected truth behind Spaghetti alla Bolognese...

Preparation of tagliatelle on a cutting board

How to prepare fresh egg pasta by hand: the "sfoglia"

Learn to prepare fresh egg pasta like an Italian chef

Panettone with a slice cut beside it

The Panettone: secrets, anecdotes, and the recipe to make it

Homemade Panettone: a challenge for enthusiasts with our Cesarina's recipe

Plate with tagliatelle with ragout sauce

Authentic Tagliatelle al ragù Recipe

Learn to make one of Bologna's most iconic dishes

Cup of tiramisù

The Tiramisù: the Italian dessert that conquered the world

Discover the history, preparation, and variations of a dessert that blends past and present

Scrigno di Venere con interno visibile

Scrigno di Venere

Discovering a Timbale with a Precious Filling of Tortellini

Plate of saffron risotto Milanese style

Golden Shades: Milanese Risotto (with Ossobuco)

The recipe to prepare an excellent Milanese risotto

Close-up of a plate of mezze maniche carbonara

Authentic Pasta Carbonara Recipe

How to make authentic Carbonara: the ultimate comfort food

Image with Cesarine and Slow Food logos

Cesarine: A Slow Food Community

Good, Clean, Fair Food... For all of us. Find out why we have joined forces with Slow Food

Italia a Morsi logo against the backdrop of a plate of spaghetti

"L’Italia a morsi": the recipes of Tuscany

Exploring Tuscan Recipes with Chiara Maci

Italia a Morsi logo in the background of a plate of spaghetti

“L’Italia a morsi”: recipes from Lierna

Exploring Lake Como cuisine through some family recipes

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