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If you go to Rome to dine, you're getting only a taste of Italian culture. For a full immersion, you've got to make some pasta and traditional sauces yourself

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They were very accommodating. Loves the class. Both Maria and her assistant were amazing and friendly. Take their class you will not regret it. Amazing food.

maggio 2022

Morena speaks English well and was well prepared for the cooking class. When we arrived, there was a 15 minute introduction, and Morena gave us a sheet of paper with the ingredients and measurements for the recipes written down, as well as the steps to preparing the recipe. We soon began the class with the dessert, followed by two different pasta dishes. All of the ingredients used were fresh, nothing canned or frozen, and the sauces were prepared from scratch. Morena had already prepared a station where we would be working, with all of the ingredients ready for us to use. We started cooking at 10am and finished punctually 3 hours later, then we spent the rest of the time enjoying the feast outdoors while having a pleasant conversation with Morena about Italy.

Malvina De La Canal
maggio 2022

Emanuela was like our Neopolitan angel. We originally had another cooking class booked that was canceled on us last minute. She was willing to take us in on a moment's notice. Emanuela's skills in the kitchen are unmatched. She was patient, informational, and kind (especially with me—a novice!) My husband who is more comfortable making pasta picked up plenty of tricks from her. We really enjoyed getting to know her and Maria, learning about the region and its cuisine, and spending time at her beautiful apartment. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone passing through Napoli.

Nicole (and Matt)
maggio 2022

Claudia and her family provided us one of our most memorable days in Italy. We have visited Italy many times and always considered taking a cooking class, but this is our first time doing so and we couldn't have been any happier. Claudia was truly a great choice to guide us through our pasta/tiramisu making class. Her family being a part of the experience made it even better. While I have a good command of the kitchen and Jacqui is a great baker, we've never attempted to make fresh pasta. Claudia's instruction has changed that because we now have plans to start making pasta from scratch on a regular basis. After guiding us through the making of our dishes, came the best part, the wonderful family meal we shared. As an Italian-American, our time around her dinner table was reminiscent of most family dinners that I grew up enjoying. Her generous antipasti, which included homemade prosciutto and capicola, inventive crostini and generous wine pours, could simply not be beat. On your next trip to Umbria, it will pay you to seek out Claudia for your cooking experience. We feel like we've made friends with her and her family for life.

Larry and Jacqui
maggio 2022

Barbara was wonderful! This class was definitely a highlight of our trip. Even as experienced home cooks, we learned a lot (both about food and Italian culture). The food was delicious. Barbara was kind, welcoming and professional.

maggio 2022

Paola was wonderful. We met by the beautiful Neptuno statue. Took a lovely tour of the foodie side of the city. A brisk walk to her home where we had a lot of fun mixing and rolling out bread and pasta. She has a lovely garden with a beautiful table spread. The food was wonderful and conversation was great. All around great time!

maggio 2022

Maria Paola and her family were a delight. We spent a week on the Italian Riviera and this tour was the highlight of our trip! Thank you so much for offering this type of authentic experience.

The Ellenbergs & Cariellos
maggio 2022

Highly Recommended! We had a wonderful time with Claudia and Ale. From the fantastic appetizers at the welcome, the expert cooking lesson, and the amazing meal. We had so much fun getting to know them and Italy a little better. Claudia and Ale were very hospitable and generous with their time with smiles, songs, and drinks to make it all a memorable experience.

Itai M
maggio 2022