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Cooking Classes in Italy

Learn to make authentic Italian dishes online

Pizza, the Queen of Italian Cuisine

Say goodbye to takeout pizza for good. Learn how to make incredible pizza for yourself at home!
from40 per pass
60 mins
5.0 ☆ (150)

The Real Italian Lasagne from scratch

You can't beat making lasagne 100% from scratch. Get ready for some serious cooking.
from40 per pass
60 mins
4.9 ☆ (180)

Tortellini, broth and Parmesan sauce

Folding perfect tortellini, served in two ways: traditional broth, and creamy Parmesan sauce.
from40 per pass
60 mins
4.9 ☆ (162)

Marvellous Meatballs

Meatballs, or 'polpette' in Italian, are a staple of family kitchens. Discover the secrets!
from40 per pass
60 mins
4.6 ☆ (130)

Sicilian Taste: the Caponata

Discover the secrets of one of the Sicilian dishes par excellence: the caponata.
from40 per pass
60 mins
4.9 ☆ (47)

Panna cotta with fruit coulis

Panna cotta with fruit sauce is a simple, yet extremely tasty spoon dessert.
from40 per pass
60 mins
5.0 ☆ (59)

Sicilian Panelle

Tasty, quick and with simple ingredients, Sicilian panelle bring together young and old.
from40 per pass
60 mins
4.9 ☆ (173)

Ricotta cheese gnocchi

Not only potatoes! Discover how to make fluffy gnocchi with fresh ricotta cheese
from40 per pass
60 mins
4.8 ☆ (129)
If you go to Rome to dine, you're getting only a taste of Italian culture. For a full immersion, you've got to make some pasta and traditional sauces yourself
New York Times
If you go to Rome to dine, you're getting only a taste of Italian culture. For a full immersion, you've got to make some pasta and traditional sauces yourself
Luisa Mambelli, an empty-nester with two adult children, greets us at her mother's apartment in the Murri...
HomeFood organiza cenas caseras para difundir los sabores italianos de siempre...
Making tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce... in Bologna. Through an organisation called Cesarine...
Si prenota come al ristorante ma c'è il gusto dell'atmosfera casalinga.
L'associazionismo fa bene all’home restaurant italiano. I casi più riusciti di attività nel nostro paese...
What other guests think of Cesarine100% verified reviews: real guests, real experiences.
Megumi_K - Feb 2020
Fun experience!
First of all, we were staying in Salerno so they managed to find a cesarina (actually it was two ladies) in Salerno insted of Vietri sul Mare so
politicsandfootball - Feb 2020
Best cooking class we've ever taken
This was the best cooking class I have ever attended. We try to take a cooking class on every vacation, and we've had some very good ones, but
863kels - Feb 2020
So Much Fun!
My husband and I can honestly say that this was one of our favorite cooking class experiences! We really enjoyed having Oriana as our pasta
Sailee_L - Feb 2020
A bella experience
It was an amazing experience. The personal touch of the host Elinda and her technique was really good. She was very particular about everything
Trail762029 - Oct 2019
Giulia's Cucina, the highlight of our trip
Four delightful hours in Giulia's kitchen and we are now pasta enthusiasts! We found her chic and bright apartment with easy to follow guidelines
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