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New legal actions concerning allegations and threats


Bologna, March 14, 2024 - For several years, news has been systematically disseminated to the press, on the internet, and on the social profiles of a company operating in the South of the country, attempting to discredit the image of Home Food Società Benefit, its associates, community members, and more generally, the press. The imaginative 'accusations', which regularly increase with the intensification of Cesarine's presence in national and international media, range from 'collusion with the powers that be' to 'fraud', from being labeled 'mafia lobbyists' to 'tax evaders'.

Recently, there has been an escalation - by the same entity - of intimidating and threatening behavior towards partner companies, journalists, and the Cesarines themselves, both through phone calls and social media. These very serious initiatives are already under review by the criminal judicial authority, which has already issued a preliminary decree against the company in question.

With these lines, Home Food Società Benefit intends to emphasize that all this follows initiatives by the same company that has tried, in the past, to inhibit the activity of Home Food Società Benefit by establishing precautionary proceedings, which were rejected by the competent Judicial Authority, also condemning it to legal expenses.

Home Food Società Benefit reserves the right to take new legal actions which will hopefully lead to a definitive conclusion of a case that for years has taken on Kafkaesque proportions.

In the meantime, CEO Davide Maggi and the board wish to reiterate that Cesarine - a widespread Slow Food community of amateur cooks present in about 500 villages and cities to pass on and spread the tradition of enogastronomy in the warmth of home - acts in full compliance with local regulations governing the sector.

For reports and further information, it is possible to write to comunicazione@cesarine.com and regolamenti@cesarine.com.

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