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Duration:3 hours
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Lecco is a charming city on the shore of Lake Como with stunning view over the Alps. It is a great alternative if you want to avoid the crowds in more touristy towns on Lake Como or Lake Garda.

The village’s gastronomy is wide-ranging, from freshwater fish, to vegetarian dishes like Risotto or Polenta topped with lashings of bubbling melted cheese and hearty mushrooms. Rustic and full of flavours, there is something for everyone here in Lecco.

Slow down and savour the “Bella Vita” as you enjoy a dining experience with a local family. This is your warm welcome into one of Italy’s most magical towns.

Immerse yourself in the regional traditions of everyday Italy. Your host will treat you to a three-course dining experience, showcasing their favourite traditional family recipes.

You will take part in an experience which is so much more than just a lunch or dinner. Dining with a Cesarina gives you the chance to be welcomed in like one of the family and live like the Italians do.

To Italy with Love

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