Vegetarian dining experience in Verona

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In the heart of Veneto wine region, we find Verona, known as the “City of Love”. Verona is noted as the setting of Romeo and Juliet , but one of its lesser known secrets is its rich and varied gastronomy.

Just like Romeo and Juliet, every dish has its own love story, for example the, “Love Knot – the Tortellini of Valeggio” borne from the legendary love story between a soldier and a nymph or “Pasta e fasoi”, which is prepared following a recipe from the middle ages.

When you dine at a Cesarina’s home in Verona, you will fall in love with the city’s vegetarian delights and the ancient stories behind them.

Italy has so many vegetarian options to offer - if you know where to look!

Enjoy signature vegetarian dishes at home with an expert local host. Immerse yourself in the city's culture and explore the city through food and friendship.

Dining with a Cesarina gives you the chance to be welcomed in like one of the family and live like the Italians do. The perfect experience for food lovers looking for vegetarian choices in Italy.

To Italy with Love

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