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Cesarina from 2024

My speciality: Stew alla Sangiovannese

I live in: Reggello

Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian

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I offer vegetarian alternatives

Hi from Beatrice!

Food is a custodian of memories; I cherished spending days in the kitchen with my grandmother Reside, a remarkable woman and, above all, an outstanding cook. From her, I learned the recipes of peasant tradition and the art of creating dishes from leftovers, which, despite their simplicity, are rich in flavor. All the ingredients my grandmother used in the kitchen were the fruits of our labor in the fields. However, I didn't stop there; my passion continually drives me to explore the traditional recipes of the territory, which are now almost forgotten. This is both for the palate's delight and to preserve a unique culinary and cultural heritage. The dishes I love to cook are diverse, ranging from Ribollita to strictly handmade Tagliatelle, Potato Gnocchi, Tripe alla Montevarchina, Stew alla Sangiovannese, Oven-baked Porchetta, and Schiacciate with a 48-hour leavening. I also delve into typical and "non-typical" desserts and much more, all while following the seasonality of ingredients.

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My specialities
  •  Ribollita
  •  Black crostino (with pâté made from chicken livers, anchovies, and capers)
  •  Homemade pasta

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