COVID-19: staying safe

Everyone who attends our events, in particular Cesarine hosts and guests, are required to comply with the health and safety guidelines set out below, in accordance with the regulations in force for preventing the spread of Covid-19.

GREEN PASS: Requirements for Cesarine Hosts and Guests

In accordance with Law Decree No. 172 of 26 November 2021, from Monday 6 December 2021 to Saturday 15 January 2022, all participants in events must hold a Super Green Pass (or enhanced Green Pass), i.e. a valid Green Pass certificate (reduced to 9 months) obtained in one of the following ways:
  1. COVID-19 vaccination (if it's the first dose, it's valid from 15 days after the vaccination date)
  1. Recovery from Covid-19
At the end of this holiday period, from Sunday 16 January 2022, the rules will vary according to the zone of the region:
  1. white zone: you must have a valid Green Pass issued following vaccination, recovery from Covid-19 or swab
  1. yellow or orange zone: a Super Green Pass is required (the same requirements as for the holiday period)
  1. red zone: Cesarine events will not take place
These indications above apply to anyone attending the event in any capacity.
Hosts that do not meet the requirements:
If you do not meet the Green Pass requirements, you must notify us immediately. We will suspend your Cesarina profile until you notify us that you are eligible again.
Cesarine guests that do not meet the requirements:
It is the guest's responsibility to cancel their booking if, close to the date of the event, they find that they do not meet the personal Green Pass requirements.
Verification of green passes
It is the responsibility of the host to check the validity of the Green Pass of their guests before they allow guests to enter, as indicated by the official government information.
We therefore invite the Cesarine to download the free digital Green Pass reading application by clicking on: https://www.dgc.gov.it/web/app.html
Guests from countries that have not signed up for the digital Green Pass will need to show the equivalent printed Green Pass.
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