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What other guests think of Cesarine100% verified reviews: real guests, real experiences.

Incredibly thankful for our cesarina, Antonietta, for welcoming us into her home (and her kitchen) to enjoy a phenomenal farm-fresh Italian meal. From the eggs, to the produce, olive oil, pasta, bread and wine, all were local, home-grown, and absolutely delicious! After 4 courses, we left with full stomachs and even fuller hearts from the generosity of our host ❤️

This was the best cooking class I have ever attended. We try to take a cooking class on every vacation, and we've had some very good ones, but Rosanna and Raffaele were such welcoming hosts that this was the best. They involved us in the actual cooking and I learned a lot. We had such a good time!

As we were walking to Sveva's home for our dining experience, I admit to some trepidation. This was immediately vanquished by Sveva's warm hello and easy going manner. By partaking in the cooking experience, we truly got to understand the Roman essence. This night was the highlight of our time in Rome, an unforgettable evening. Grazie Sveva!

Our cesarinas taught us how to make a regional pasta and tiramisu which we could eat all on the balcony of their house with some sea view!They gave us recipes too so now we can recreate all those wonderful dishes at home.If you love good Italian food and authentic experiences, then I highly recommend this one. We all had wonderful time!

Our cooking class was amazing! The class surpassed all expectations because of the warmth and care we all felt. The pasta we made was delicious, but more importantly, we all felt that we were treated to an authentic Italian experience. We spent hours learning and then chatting with our hostess and her husband. We learned to make great food and were lucky to make good friends as well.

Our Cesarini were lovely people and exceptional chefs. They toured us around their local market and then they took us to their lovely home and taught us how to make traditional Roman veggies. Not only was the food delicious, but the experience as a whole was so much fun. This cooking class was the highlight of our trip in Rome and we will definitely come back.

Rosa is fantastica! So nice! So friendly! 😁 I enjoyed her online class very much. I am so excited to try her recipe. It looks delicious!😋 She is an excellent teacher. She explained it so well and gave a great idea how to serve it as an appetizer.

This online cooking class was so funny and the recipe was well explained as she prepared it. I love that she was able to go beyond the basics of the recipe to tell us about how to make vanilla. And seeing her beautiful home was a special treat. Thanks for these great opportunities!

I want to reiterate to all of you who have made these lessons possible how wonderful and valuable they been. They really have been a breath of fresh air during this awful virus & they have added so much to my understanding of the Italian culture and cooking. Thank you to all of you who made that possible.

Your online classes during the pandemic was a truly wonderful gift, it was especially inspiring during March and April when we were all adjust and aghast at how much our worlds had changed. I loved the new ideas and skills, but more important was the humanity and connection. Thank you