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Quintessentially Italian

From bruschettas to pizza, and through pasta (strictly al dente), these courses are dedicated to the most iconic dishes of Italian cuisine. Learn the techniques to recreate these recipes at home and amaze your guests with the help of our Cesarine!

Pizza: the Queen of Italian Cuisine

When a craving for pizza strikes, don't reach for your usual takeout menu... Reach for your recipe book! In this class, you'll learn to create amazing pizza from scratch, and gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of flour and dough. This class will feel just like being in an Italian kitchen. Let your imagination run free as you create wonderful pizzas for your loved ones.

Bruschetta and Tiramisu: Italian Classics

Bruschetta may seem simple, but there are so many secret tips and tricks that can turn a good bruschetta into a great one. In this class, you'll transform stale bread into a culinary work of art! But that's not all! If you've ever been to a restaurant in Italy, we bet you've ordered a tiramisu. Have you ever tried making it at home? It's trickier than it looks! In this online class will teach you everything you need to know to make the most creamy tiramisu!

The real Italian Lasagne from scratch

Lasagne takes time, and it's worth every second. In this live class, your host will guide you through every step of the way, and you will end up with your own incredible lasagne to share with your loved ones (well, if you want to share it)! From rolling fresh pasta by hand, whipping up a smooth Besciamella sauce and sumptuous meat ragù, and finally putting it all together, this will be a cooking experience to remember.

Marvellous Meatballs

Meatballs are the perfect recipe loved by adults and children alike. They seem so simple, but the difference between an average meatball and a great one is enormous. As we say in Italy, "Mamma knows best", and when it comes to meatballs, mamma's recipe is the only choice. Hone your cooking skills and learn how to make polpette just like an Italian, using precious family recipes and techniques passed down through the generations.

Carbonara, Amatriciana, Pesto and Pasta "al dente"

Learn how to make three of the most iconic Italian pasta sauces from scratch and discover the secrets of cooking the perfect "pasta al dente". Begin your journey through the Italian cuisine with these classic pasta dishes from Rome, and discover the secrets of creating incredible Carbonara and Amatriciana sauces. Then, you'll move to the north of Italy with the art of Genovese Pesto. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Tortellini, broth and Parmesan sauce

From rolling out the fresh egg pasta, to preparing the meat filling, to making your own broth from scratch, most Italian cooks learn the techniques as children, helping out in the kitchen and absorbing the techniques from the practiced hands of their parents and grandparents. Now, it's your turn! This class is ideal for those who want to create a cooking ritual in their own homes.

From the South of Italy with love

From Campania's pasta with potatoes and provola to orecchiette, and through the caponata: learn to cook the recipes that have all the warmth of Southern Italy

Tasty and quick: the Sicilian Panelle

The true Sicilian taste: the Caponata

Orecchiette and Trofie: water-based pasta

Pasta with potatoes and Provola Cheese

The Thousand Shapes of Pasta

A series of online courses focused on the dish that worldwide symbolizes Italy: pasta. Whether long, short, or filled, pasta is a daily presence on the tables of the Beautiful Country. In these courses, our Cesarine will teach you all the tricks to serve your guests pasta made with mastery

Pasta Ribbons and Ragù Sauce

You'll be making fresh egg pasta in varying ribbon shapes, each one designed to hold a different kind of sauce. You'll get to grips with rolling out the silkiest pasta dough with just a few ingredients and a rolling pin. No fancy pasta machine required!

Three Ravioli variations with classic tomato sauce

Ravioli are perfect for creative cooks, as you can fill them with all sorts of gorgeous ingredients. Learn how to roll and fold your fresh pasta, and then create three different fillings. From creamy ricotta cheese, to exquisite meat and subtle spinach, the possibilities are endless. The perfect partner for most ravioli is a fresh tomato sauce, so we'll also teach you our unbeatable family recipe!

Potato Gnocchi and Potato Cake

Potatoes are a staple ingredient all around the world! Italy's iconic gnocchi are a perfect way to use up your potatoes, and can be crafted into all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Learn how to prepare perfectly fluffy potato gnocchi that will delight your friends and family. You will also prepare a stunning Italian potato cake, a staple recipe with cheese and ham.

Ricotta cheese gnocchi

Gnocchi are a mainstay of Italian cuisine, but making them at home can be harder than it seems. Have your gnocchi ever turned out slimy, or crumbly, or raw in the middle? You just need the right teacher to show you the secrets! In this class, you'll learn to make fluffy, indulgent gnocchi with the use of fresh ricotta cheese. You'll be a gnocchi expert in no time!

Sweets and desserts

There's nothing better than ending a meal with a delicious dessert and leaving your guests with a pleasant memory. Here you'll find a selection of courses to learn how to prepare desserts worthy of an encore!

Panna cotta with fruit coulis: a great classic

Nonna's baking secrets: how to make Torta della Nonna

Coffee semifreddo, an Italian dream

Lingue di gatto biscuits with Diplomat's sauce

Classes for aspiring Pros

Our Cesarine open their recipe books, handed down from generation to generation, to teach you timeless recipes and tricks to become a true master of the kitchen!

Pimp your pasta: how to color your dough

Turn your pasta into a rainbow with this online cooking class. Learn how to make fresh egg pasta from scratch, and color it using simple ingredients like spinach, tomatoes, turmeric or squid ink.

Making fruit and vegetable preserves

Nothing beats the taste of homemade preserves. Capture the flavors of every season, from sweet fruit jams to versatile vegetable preserves for any occasion. In this practical class, you'll how you can easily transform simple ingredients into jars packed with amazing flavours!

Nonna's homemade tomato preserves

In Italy it is very common to see Nonnas preparing homemade tomato preserves at home. By using fresh and juicy summer tomatoes you can enjoy tomato sauce all year round and use it for a wide range of dishes! During the class you will discover how easy is to create tomato preserves (canned chopped tomatoes or pure tomato purée) at home with staple ingredients and easy-to-find equipment.

if you go to Rome to dine, you're getting only a taste of Italian culture. For a full immersion, you've got to make some pasta and traditional sauces


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