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Fresh Pasta

Pasta brings people together, especially when prepared with love! Our Cesarine, sfogline par excellence, know this well. In Italy there are over 350 types of pasta and in the homes of our Cesarine each recipe has a special place and a family tradition that goes back for generations.

Thanks to the advice and lifetime experience of our cooks, your team will try their hand at preparing fresh pasta, from the dough to the filling.

Choose one of the 350 recipes available and see what your team is made of:
  • ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti, casoncelli: pasta with delicious fillings
  • tagliatelle, pappardelle, strichetti, garganelli: fresh egg pasta in countless shapes
  • orecchiette, cavatelli, pici, trofie: pasta made only with flour and water

We can add natural ingredients such as spinach, beetroot, turmeric, squid ink or even chocolate to obtain colorful dough and unleash your team’s creativity.

Did you know that in ancient times, in pasta factories, workers would knead pasta barefoot and to the sound of music (don’t worry, here your colleagues will use their hands and rolling pin!)

A Cesarine experience is much more than just a team-building activity, it is an adventure into the most authentic side of Italy, carefully designed to motivate or celebrate the successes of your colleagues: Everything we do is from the heart: you’ll learn from welcoming local people who share their secret family recipes, telling their own stories and that of their region. The family recipes of our cooks, their vast knowledge of curiosities and anecdotes of the local gastronomic tradition represent the Italian culinary identity.


Fasten your aprons!

Your own workbook

A co-branded workbook with the list of ingredients and equipment

Bring your team together

Connect with your colleagues over food

A souvenir for everyone

A personalized certificate of participation with your company logo

This is how it works

Uniques events designed to boost employee engagement



We’ll craft an extraordinary virtual cooking experience tailored around your company’s needs.



Choose the recipe, duration and type of class and receive co-branded materials for you to keep.



Gather your colleagues together wherever they are in the world. Turn on your webcams and get cooking!

What to expect from this experience

  • Before the event, you will receive the personalized workbook with ingredients and equipment
  • Prepare your workstation and everything you need to cook live
  • Turn on the microphone to ask any questions you want
  • Keep the webcam on and share your progress
  • Receive tips and tricks for perfect preparation
  • At the end of the experience, we’ll have a toast together!

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