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Cesarine and Home Restaurant

Cesarine teams up with Banijay Italia for the production of "Home Restaurant", the cooking show that challenges cooking enthusiasts and amateur chefs. Hosted by internationally acclaimed Michelin-starred chef Giorgio Locatelli, this second edition will feature style expert Enzo Miccio.

In each episode, two pairs of aspiring home chefs test their culinary skills by transforming their homes into genuine home restaurants for a day. They must set up the dining area and cook their best menu to serve to the opposing pair and the demanding judges. They will be evaluated for the 'home' category (atmosphere and mise en place) and the 'restaurant' category (menu and service).

The title of best home restaurant of the episode and a prize of 1000 euros in gold coins will be awarded to the pair with the most points. Additionally, the winning pair will have the opportunity to join the 'Le Cesarine' Community, the oldest network of home restaurants and home cooks in Italy.

The episodes will air on Sky Uno starting from Wednesday, July 19th, at 9:15 PM

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