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Scrigno di Venere con interno visibile

Scrigno di Venere

The story goes that the original recipe for the "Scrigno di Venere" (Venus's Casket) was born from the creativity of Chef Evio Battelani of the restaurant "Al Catunzein" in Bologna. Evio enjoyed revealing the secrets of his casket bite by bite, without revealing its contents beforehand. The connection to the capital of Emilia-Romagna is straightforward when considering the ingredients that compose this particular baked timbale. In fact, this first course, which could also be classified as a main dish, is nothing more than a basket of brisé pastry containing tortellini, ragù, béchamel, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Why the reference to Venus?

The reference to Venus derives directly from the "divine" origin story of the tortellino. Among the various legends about the origin of this famous stuffed pasta, one has a mythological character and features the goddess of beauty herself as the protagonist. It is said that during the war between Modena and Bologna over the "Secchia rapita" (Stolen Bucket), Venus, Bacchus, and Mars, coming to Modena's aid, found refuge at the Corona inn (still existing) in Castelfranco Emilia. The following morning, Mars and Bacchus left the inn, leaving Venus asleep. Upon awakening, Venus, calling the innkeeper, displayed her navel. Enchanted by the perfect shape of that navel, the man tried to reproduce its features, thus creating the famous tortellino.

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