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The Tiramisù: the Italian dessert that conquered the world

If you ask abroad what dessert best represents Italy, the answer will probably be unanimous: tiramisu. With its layers of coffee-soaked savoiardi, creamy mascarpone, and cocoa powder dusting, tiramisu is a paradise for sweet tooths, capable of warming the heart and delighting the palate.

The origins of tiramisu, shrouded in mystery

Despite its fame, the history of this dessert is shrouded in mystery. It is said to have Venetian origins, but where exactly it was born is subject to debate as various cities claim its paternity. Some argue it originated in Treviso by Ado Campeol, owner of the historic establishment "Il Becchiere", while others believe it was born in Vicenza or even Padua. However, what is certain is that since 1980, when this term was included in the Italian dictionary, tiramisu has become an icon of Italian cuisine worldwide, captivating millions with its creamy goodness.

Tiramisù on the table with a cup of coffee

The recipe of tiramisu

But how do you prepare this delightful spoon dessert? Let's see together the ingredients and steps to make tiramisu as tradition dictates. And don't worry: preparing this dessert isn't as difficult as you might think!

Many variations of tiramisu

Over time, chefs from all over the world have unleashed their creativity, creating interesting variations of tiramisu. Certainly, purists might turn up their noses, but why deprive yourself of the pleasure of enjoying this dessert with the addition of an original and unexpected twist? If you like bold flavors, for example, you can add liquor to the coffee, such as Marsala or brandy; whereas if you prefer a lighter version, you can substitute mascarpone with ricotta or Greek yogurt; if you want to add a touch of freshness, you could add fresh strawberries or lemon. The limit is only set by your imagination, and each variation holds within it a new world of flavors to discover and enjoy.

Tiramisù World Cup

To celebrate this iconic dessert, since 2017 the Tiramisu World Cup has been held in Treviso, a competition that hundreds of participants from all over the world take part in every year, and in 2023, four of our Cesarine were selected among the best of the Community.

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