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Cesarine's strategic case in the eighth edition of the Ambrosetti Food & Beverage Forum

The extended food supply chain, which also includes distribution and intermediation, is worth 19% of the country's GDP. A value of EUR 586.9 billion, according to a recent study by The European House Ambrosetti.

Other sources report that Italian tourism continues to grow: between June and August 216 million tourist presences are expected, with an increase of +1.5% compared to last year of foreign tourists, the main protagonists of the Italian summer.

Between these two universes - halfway between food and tourism - lies the world of Cesarine: the evolution of our community and our platform will be the protagonists of one of the two strategic case studies at the eighth edition of the Forum ‘The Roadmap of the future for Food & Beverage: what evolutions and what challenges for the coming years’, scheduled in Bormio on 7 and 8 June.

Cesarine food experiences represent a bridge between innovation and tradition, a real enabler that attracts an international tourism increasingly motivated by authentic experiences off the beaten track, but also national corporate tourism for events and team building, as well as private tourists attracted by small villages and exclusive experiences.

The world of experiences plays a key role for all major international Online Travel Agencies, and in particular requests for food experiences are growing steadily: more than 80% of travellers say that trying the local cuisine is one of the most anticipated aspects of the trip, and more than 40% of those interested in gastronomic activities also declare themselves interested in local food tours. A topic, the latter, of absolute interest to companies and producers in the food and wine industry.

In the afternoon of Friday 7, Cristina Lazzati, editor-in-chief of Mark UP and Gdoweek and moderator of the two-day event in Bormio, will interview the founder and CEO of Cesarine.com Davide Maggi to explore the link between tradition and innovation that makes Cesarine's food experiences an exceptional driver for an increasingly aware international and national tourism, which chooses to go beyond traditional routes to get in touch with the territories and their communities.

The Food&Beverage Forum in Bormio will be a two-day event of data, insights and debate on the Distribution, HORECA and the entire food supply chain in Italy with the main managers of the sector, representatives of the institutions and the scientific world: the event will bring together the main players to discuss a topic that affects us all in a transversal way.

Hence the appointment in Valtellina on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 June, for those who wish to follow live, the link is active: https://ambrosetti.webex.com/ambrosetti-it/j.php?MTID=m138f42efbfaff37d11e427d178671dc4

Cesarine.com is the first online platform in Italy for food experiences with a community of 1,500 amateur cooks and chefs who in 2023 opened the doors of their homes and territories to more than 48,000 guests, mostly international (+65% compared to 2022). Founded in 2004 in Bologna as the Association for the Protection and Enhancement of Italy's Typical Culinary Gastronomic Heritage, in 2014 the community became a platform under the leadership of tech entrepreneur Davide Maggi - creator of some of Italy's first digital startups and executive director of the Digital Marketing & Communication Executive Program of the Bologna Business School. On its 20th birthday, Cesarine counts dozens of spontaneous applications every week.

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