COVID-19: how we're working to help you travel with peace of mind

COVID-19: how we're working to help you travel with peace of mind

Free and flexible booking cancellations. Stress-free booking: if you cancel with minimum 24 hours' notice, you will receive a full refund.
We know how uncertain it feels to organise your travel at the moment, which is why we've adopted a flexible cancellation policy. With Cesarine, you can always cancel up to 24 hours in advance for free and receive a full refund.
Reschedule your experience. Don't want to cancel your reservation with us, but don't know an alternative date? You can convert your reservation into a voucher with no expiration date.
You can reschedule your experience whenever you want. The price of your reservation will be frozen and will not have an expiration date. When you have a new date you'd like to book for your experience, simply contact our friendly customer care team. We'll take care of everything!
We will continue diligently to monitor guidance from the Italian government and health authorities and will share future developments with you.
Stay safe and a presto,
The Cesarine Team

Keep in touch, wherever you are

Travel all over Italy without even leaving the house. It's the next best thing!

Online Cooking Classes
A great way to connect with friends and learn the tricks of the trade.
"These cooking classes kept me going through the lockdown! My tagliatelle were almost as good as the ones I tasted in Bologna on my last trip. It was the closest I could get to being in a real bolognese kitchen. Thank you!" — Penny B, London
Live Cooking Classes on Instagram
Want to try following a live lesson... In Italian? Watch our live cooking classes on Instagram.
"I've been learning Italian in my spare time, so this is great. These lessons are a really good way to put my listening (and eating) skills to the test." — Charles S, San Francisco

Any questions?

I want to cancel my reservation. How can I do that?
You can cancel your reservation for any reason up to 24 hours before your booking. You can decide whether to receive a full refund or convert the amount into a voucher that you can use on your next trip. The voucher has no expiry date.

Are the experiences private, or will there be other people?
We offer experiences of all kinds: both shared, where the experience is open to be booked by other travellers, and private just for you and your group. You can choose whichever you prefer.

I decided to convert my reservation into a voucher, how can I use it?
You can reschedule your experience whenever you wish. When you have decided on a new booking date for your experience, please contact our customer care team by emailing booking@cesarine.com or calling: +39-051220797.

Want to talk to us? Click here to send us an email Click here to phone our office in Bologna, Italy 🕑 we're open Monday-Friday || 9:30am - 6:30pm (CET) If making an international phone call, please check with your service provider if there are extra charges.
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