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Culinary experience on polenta!

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Duration 2h

Max 12 guests

Spoken languages:  Italian, English, German, French

Dining experience: take a seat and enjoy an authentic Italian meal with a local Cesarina

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    Polenta has long been the undisputed star of northern Italian cuisines. Originally considered a simple and inexpensive dish, mainly eaten by farmers, today it is also found in the best restaurants. We will start with some delicious polenta piadina filled in various ways. Next, we will come to the main course: yellow polenta from Beura accompanied by a selection of PDO cheeses (gorgonzola, toma, stracchino) and sausage with sauce. We will close with coffee, homemade bitters and cornmeal cookies. An ideal menu for summer evenings as well, accompanied by local red wine.


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    €75.00 per guest

    €38.00 per child

    You’ll receive the exact address after the booking
    Image Profile
    Cesarina from 2023Location: Invorio    Languages: Italian, English, German, French
    My authentic specialty shines through in the appetizers: delightful and creative dishes that reflect my culinary passion. I don't consider myself an adventurous experimenter; rather, I prefer the comforting embrace of tradition. In my family, first courses hold a special place, and the table is often adorned with lasagna, ravioli, tagliatelle, and risottos, all prepared with a love for handmade pasta. Authenticity and attention to detail define each dish, keeping tradition and culinary art alive.
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