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“L’Italia a morsi”: recipes from Lierna

The territory of the municipality of Lierna is located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, bordering Varenna and Mandello del Lario.

Comprised of twelve villages, Lierna is famous for its religious monuments, military architecture, lakefront beaches that have little to envy of maritime ones, and its vibrant cultural scene. But not only that, it is also renowned for its wines, fish, olive oil, cheeses, honey, allowing locals to bring truly sublime dishes to the table.

In the episode shot in Lierna, on Lake Como, a small village rich in history dating back to ancient Rome, Chiara Maci met Annamaria.

View of Varenna on Lake Como

A cook by passion and profession, our Cesarina Annamaria boasts experiences in the field of gastronomic training both in Italy and in various parts of the world, with a particular focus on nutrition sciences.

Annamaria loves to make slight modifications to Lombard cuisine, as she enjoys interpreting ancient tastes with the lightness of healthier flavors and ingredients.

Annamaria Chiappetti ai fornelli

Annamaria welcomed Chiara Maci into her cozy and elegant home overlooking Lake Como. In this corner of paradise, immersed in tranquility and surrounded by natural beauty, we can taste Annamaria's delicacies. Her recipes respect the seasonality of the products and the traditions of the area, always seeking lightness through the right balance of various ingredients.

"My cuisine combines tradition, health, and great attention to ingredients and lightness." - Annamaria

Recipes from the episode:

  • Fried Sage
  • Missoltini with Polenta
  • Cagnone-style Rice
  • Lavarello Fillet
  • Miascia Cake

Le esperienze di Cesarine sul Lago di Como

Follow Chiara Maci's lead and book a culinary experience in the enchanting area of Lake Como! Discover the cooking classes and tours that Cesarine has prepared for you!

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L'Italia a morsi

"Italia a Morsi" is a culinary television program airing since January 16, 2019. In each episode, Chiara Maci visits an Italian location in search of its culinary traditions: in the first part of the episode, the food blogger and host explores the city and meets local producers; in the second part, she goes to the home of a Cesarina who prepares typical dishes of her area and serves them in her home restaurant.

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