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piatto di pasta secca e lunga formato tripoline con i tenerumi

Pasta with Tenerumi: dive into the Sicilian summer

Pasta with tenerumi is a dish that evokes the atmosphere of Sicilian home cooking, where recipes are handed down from generation to generation, and embodies that ability to transform simple ingredients into something delicious and nutritious. Pasta with tenerumi is a soup that with the arrival of summer and fine weather cannot miss on Sicilian tables. Finding the word ''soup'' alongside the word ''summer'' may seem odd, but don't let this association fool you because the dish is a true culinary icon that encapsulates the tradition, taste and essence of Sicily.

What are tenerumi?

Tenerumi are vegetables harvested in the summer, often used in soups or genuine side dishes. The origins of tenerumi are part of the peasant culture of Southern Italy, where the inhabitants learnt to use every part of the plant because 'in the kitchen you don't throw anything away'. The tenerumi, known in Sicilian as 'caddi ri cocuzza' or 'tàddi di cocuzza', are nothing more than the young sprouts and tender leaves of the Lagenaria Longissima courgette, i.e. the elongated, narrow, light-green, pergola or snake courgette. If you are wondering what they taste like, you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised! You will appreciate them for their delicate but strong taste, with a hint of sweetness, as well as for being rich in vitamins and minerals.

Don't be discouraged by the heat and high temperatures and try the recipe for pasta with tenerumi by Cesarina Gilda of Syracuse.

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